Cistern Level Monitors and Control Systems

  Dual water or top-up systems for rainwater cisterns   Wireless water cistern level monitors
  Level indicators for Sulfuric acid and Hydrochloric acid tanks   Level monitors for fire protection cisterns
  Level sensors for Sodium Hypochlorite tanks   Level indicators for below ground water cisterns
  4-20mA water level sensors    

AN4000 Water Level Indicator for below ground and

above ground cisterns

*Now available for depth levels to 10m


Wireless Water Tank Level Monitor
Suitable for above and below ground cisterns

Level Monitor AN4000 Kit
Download AN4000 brochure
Download the AN4000 Brochure
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AN5000B wireless level indicator kit
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Float Based Tank Level Indicators


4-20mA Differential Level Sensor

Float based level indicator LeveDex Float based level indicator LiquaDex Float based level indicator DipperDex
Download brochure for mechanical based level gauges
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We stock a range of mechanical float based tank level indicators that display levels above or on the side of the tanks. These indicators are suitable for installation on rainwater tanks as well as potable water and chemical tanks. Fire resistant option now available for fire services water tanks.

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 4-20mA level sensor - AN420 series
Download brochure for the AN420 series level transducers

4-20mA Sensor

The AN420 series of water level sensor are a cost effective and reliable solution designed for continuous water level measurement where a 4-20mA output is required. Ideal of implementing water level display in Home automation systems such as CBus and building management systems (BMS) More information..

Level Indicators For Fire Protection Cisterns

Mechanical and Electronic based level indicators

Fire Protection Cistern Level

The CHEM45 level indicator for fire protection cisterns is suitable for above ground cisterns. The indicator at the side of the tank, slides up and down on a guide pipe and tracks the actual level of the water inside the cistern. So when the tank is full, the indicator is at the top of the cistern and down at the bottom when empty. The counter weight moves up and down inside the guide pipe.

All external components are manufactured from metal to withstand high temperatures. The indicator guide wire that connects to the float in the cistern, is stainless steel. The float is polypropylene which can be upgraded to a stainless steel float.

All parts required for installation are contained in the kit, except the indicator guide pipe/tube that stands next to the cistern. This pipe may be metal or plastic in accordance with local regulations. Contact Anadex Labs for pricing.


Download the CHEM45 user document

Fire Protection Level Monitor

The CHEM40 level indicator for fire protection cisterns is suitable for above ground tanks. The indicator at the side of the tank is free hanging. The indicator tracks the level in the cistern. The counter weight for the CHEMG40 is inside the tank. The action of the counter weight is to ensure that the level indicator on the outside of the tank tracks the actual level of the water as the weighted float moves up and down with the water level in the cistern.

All external parts are manufactured from metal. The wire that connects the indicator to the counter weight and the float is stainless steel. The float inside the cistern is polypropylene which can be upgraded to a stainless steel float.

All parts required for installation is contained in the kit. Contact Anadex Labs for pricing.


Download the CHEM40 user document

Below Ground Cistern Sensor


The AN4000 level indicator may be used in above or below ground fire protection cisterns. The AN4000 consists of two parts: a pressure sensor that is suspended inside the tank just off the bottom and the display unit that displays the level in the tank as a percentage. The pressure sensor monitors the pressure of the water above it and transmits a reading to the AN4000 display unit. The AN4000 can be powered by two 9V batteries or a mains power adaptor. The probe cable may be extended up to 150m away from the display unit.

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 Level Indicators for Chemical Tanks

Sulfuric Acid Level Monitor

Anadex Labs supplies a number of different level indicators for use in chemical tanks.
Standard indicators are available for Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Hydroxide. Custom indicators can be supplied by matching the level indicator components with the chemical.

Level indicator components are available in stainless steel, polyester, PTFE. Floats are available in Polypropylene, stainless steel, UPVC and PTFE. Pullies in Brass, Acetal, UPVC,and PTFE. Contact Anadex Labs with your requirements.



Download the CHEM150 user document


Level Sensor for Sodium Hypochlorite, Swimming Pools and Saltwater

Level Sensor Sodium Hypochlorite

The CH420 series of hydrostatic level sensors are a cost effective and robust solution designed for continuous measurement of levels in Sodium Hypochlorite (NaCIO) storage tanks where a 4-20mA output is required.  The sensor is temperature and barometric pressure compensated. Reverse and overvoltage protection is included. The CH420-5 is suitable for measuring levels to 4m (13ft). Other depths ranges are available. Contact Anadex Labs for more information.


Download the sensor brochure


RainAid float based dual water or top up system

RainAid maintaining a set level in water cistern  

RainAid is a float based dual water system and is used to top up rainwater cisterns from mains supply. The system does not require any electrical power. The weighted float can be set at any height and used as a full flow or trickle feed system. RainAid is WaterMark approved so it can be used in any potable water storage application.

RainAid can be used in conjunction with any of our range of level indicators or gauges.

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  RainAid installation on cistern